March 26, 2012

Svensk Scrapbooking

A few challenges from Svensk Scrapbooking this month.

First: Make your own notebook
 I made one, its for my balcony ideas, somewhere to collect pictures and notes.

I berry (instead of very cause of the theme and berry stickers in the front) much would like a garden - But my balcony just have to do!
I used two rings to bind it and they are easy to open so i can change the sheets inside for next years plans if I want to. :)
I gave it four categories, flowers, herbs & veggies, family hangout and details.
 Inside, there is sheets for pictures from magazines and notes.

 Second: LO or card with extra love for the frame
 Maybe its not exactly what they had in mind, but my idea for this challenge was to tone down all the colors but the frame in my LO, so everything is as natural white/wood/light beige as possible. I tore papers from a book, fixed it on a cardstock and used this as background and then I had this colorful paper with light beige in it so I figure it would be perfect as a frame.

Third: Svensk Scrapbooking March LO sketch

 Pretty much straight forward, just changed the tree kind since this was about Christmas :)
 I very much enjoyed this months challenges, cant wait to see whats for next month :)

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Annelie said...

Super fina, lycka till!!!